• A POSTCARD FROM LETMAN - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
  • A POSTCARD FROM LETMAN - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
The man behind the mural paintings at L’Aventure pop-up store, Dutch graphic artist Letman continues our postcard travel series.

Calligrapher, illustrator and most of all talented graphic designer, Letman is responsible for the impressive mural painting in Louis Vuitton’s pop-up store “L’Aventure”, located 22 avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Created in collaboration with multi-faceted editor Tyler Brulé, this unprecedented space highlights Louis Vuitton’s expert authority on travel. To accompany the modern globetrotters this store offers exclusive products, but also a number of unique services. This includes Personalisation (special orders, Mon Monogram service, painting or hot stamping), the Art of Packing or repair and after-sales support by our expert craftsmen.

Choose a destination, pick up your luggage and start your adventure with us.

L’Aventure will be open until 31st December.

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