Louis Vuitton opens the Fall-Winter 2018 precollection at an exclusive Pop-up store in Shibuya, Tokyo and offers the latest collection and unique space.

To celebrate the pop-up store, Louis Vuitton releases the movie presented by web magazine, "" to introduce the charms of the Pop-up space opened in exciting Shibuya.

The popular Vivienne character, originally from the Gifting collection will welcome your arrival. You will also discover the cool and stylish newest collection, including store-exclusive items, new leather goods, accessories, watches, shoes, and ready-to-wear on the first floor.

On the second floor, you will meet Vivienne statuette designed by four internationally active artists inside mirrored maze. You will also enjoy interactive digital installations with the spirit of the collection.

Discover the collection here.

MEN’S FALL-WINTER 2018 PRECOLLECTION POP-UP STORE 19-3 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
April 20th to May 6th, 2018
From 11 am to 8 pm

[Important Notice]
*Please be aware that entry to the store may be limited at certain times.
*Depending on the congestion condition, we may distribute numbered tickets (from 9am on the day / 1 ticket per customer / to be finished when reaching the fixed number)
*Please do not wait around the store before 9am, smoke or disturb pedestrians while waiting.
*For more details, please ask our staff at the store.

Shibuya Pop-up Store Menswear