LV The Book


Magical prints, ethereal tulles, virtual textures… At Louis Vuitton, innovation and imagination go hand in hand – Discover three fascinating fabrics.

Slim gel silk

Materials: silk and silicone

Ready-to-dye white silk is assembled with zips and buttons to create a relief effect.
The silicone shapes are cut out with a laser, then affixed one by one by hand.

Solar tulle

Materials: tulle and metallic film

A metallic film is first bonded to a tulle base, then laser-cut to the design requested by the studio.
The two materials are heated in a press, then the protective plastic film is removed from the metallic sequin to create the sheen effect.
This fabric is used as a neo-embroidery.

Pixel python

Materials: python and ink

Python skin is washed out, then painted white.
This neutral base is then silkscreen-printed with a pixelated python motif.