The world’s perfume capital, Grasse is an emblematic town on the French Riviera; a domain with a key asset: spring water which runs through the town, and has shaped its history.

The Maison Louis Vuitton unveils its creative atelier in the heart of Grasse, an emblematic domain.
One need only pass through the wrought iron gates of the property - Les Fontaines Parfumées - to immediately forget the cars racing up and down the Route Napoleon. Suddenly, you feel the cool shade of majestic trees along the main avenue. You can already hear the flow of La Foux, Grasse’s historical spring, as it courses through small stone channels, past the fountain and down to the old mill below.
A little farther on, one arrives at the main building with its beautiful terrace; named Les Fontaines Parfumées, or “the scented fountains”, this property has an actual perfume fountain installed in the rotunda since the 1920s where visitors would come to fill their bottles directly.
This estate is now the cornerstone of Louis Vuitton perfumes and will serve as an olfactory creative center for LVMH.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: available from September 2016.

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