Louis Vuitton is delighted to introduce its own chatbot for the United Kingdom, a digital assistant that extends the luxury customer experience throught Facebook instant messaging.

Elevating client experience and maintaining a direct communication with customers has been a pillar of the Louis Vuitton philosophy since its founding in 1854. With the arrival of a chatbot as a new feature accessible through Facebook Messenger, instantaneous contact becomes easier and more intuitive than ever.

Similar to today’s advanced messaging technologies, the real-time communication tool supports customers with information and advice as they complete their final purchase. On call at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – this digital assistant is intended as a dependable, indispensable service that integrates the familiarity of messaging with the luxury of Louis Vuitton.

Programmed to address a wide range of topics, the Facebook chatbot can help with finding a desired item or advise on product availability in the UK stores. Customers will sense a personalised, one-to-one touch as they engage in the discussions.

As an expert voice, it is poised to further the relationship customers have with the House. It will enhance the personalised visual and conversational shopping experience for each client, while attesting to Louis Vuitton’s embrace of technology alongside savoir faire.

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