Discover Louis Vuitton’s City Essentials lineup for fall

Your wardrobe update starts here. The new Men’s Style Selector can facilitate your perfect total look by suggesting key accessories and leathergoods that correspond to three different lifestyle themes: Relaxed Sport, City Essentials, and Business Smart.

A closer look at the City Essentials reveals a distinctive range of accent pieces such as the Skyline belt, Damier black necklace and Derby boots. Added to classic trousers that boast leather belt loops, they signal an elegant uniform with everyday functionality. Layering a lightweight nylon blouson with one in padded leather reinforces a fresher look. Regarding leathergoods, the Graphite Damier backpack, the Steamer backpack style in Mongram Eclipse, and the Messenger bag in cobalt Epi leather are all equally well-suited to city functionality.

Swing one over the shoulder of a new double-face Monogram coat and add a pair Monogram patterned black sunglasses to make a statement that gives off contemporary polish and understated cool.

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