Introducing French Art de Vivre 'Louis Vuitton and London,' which celebrates the house's savoir-faire and its continuing spirit of innovation

The roots of the brand are founded in the man Louis Vuitton’s incredible artisanry through custom-made boxes and trunks, personalised to his clients' wishes. This founding pillar continues to permeate across all categories, including hard sided trunks, made-to-order shoes, on Mon Mongram handbags.

French Art de Vivre features this bespoke quality, showcasing products that can be personalised through custom designs and favourite colours, initials, and travel patches. Live artists animate exquisite hard sided pieces, bringing to life the Maison's heritage and highlighting its modernity with tradition.

Louis Vuitton’s French Art de Vivre embraces the savoir-faire of customisation to exhibit each clients’ unique taste.

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