A playful update to the Tambour Horizon invites you to virtually skip from one global city to the next.

The new City Game interactive watch face for the Tambour Horizon presents a fun spin on travel. The game begins in Paris, the birthplace of the Tambour Horizon. An LV Archlight sneaker avatar loops around the exterior circle. By tapping the face, the aerodynamic, signature shoe leaps over worldly obstacles, arriving at a series of cosmopolitan destinations inspired by the LV City Guides: London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and finally, San Francisco, where the watch is assembled.

Each time a city is unlocked, a landscape appears within a stylized skyline on the watch face. As the game progressive and scores increase, additional city sites appear. Watch the kilometers accrue as you continue to travel the globe from the proximity of your wrist.

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Tambour Horizon City Game Watch Face