Louis Vuitton unveils a wide selection of watch straps to create the Tambour watch that suits your mood.

Back in 2002, Louis Vuitton made its watchmaking debut with the Tambour, an unprecedented timepiece that integrates all of the Maison's values into its design - from the Louis Vuitton letters engraved on its case to the yellow second hand like the waxed thread used in the Maison's classic bags. Beyond multiple references, the Tambour model has come to symbolize Louis Vuitton's core identity, it represents a signature that combines a timeless look with renewed technical performance and can be worn with a large variety of straps.

"Today, a collection of interchangeable Tambour watch straps, featuring Louis Vuitton’s innovative patented system that allows wearers to easily swap out the straps to suit the occasion and invent their own style, is constantly growing.

Endlessly interchangeable, with an easy-to-use system, these straps allows wearers to instantly switch up the style of any Tambour watch.

Time for a change !"

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