• Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents a new exhibition - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
    • Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents a new exhibition - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
    • Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents a new exhibition - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
    • Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents a new exhibition - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
    • Espace Louis Vuitton Venice presents a new exhibition - Louis Vuitton Art & Travel NEWS
    Ian Cheng. emissary forks at perfection. selected work from the collection.

    For its third exhibition produced in the framework the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s “Hors-les-murs” program, the Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia is pleased to present American artist Ian Cheng’s Emissary Forks At Perfection. The Fondation Louis Vuitton’s “Hors-les-murs” program showcases previously unseen holdings of the Collection at the Espaces Louis Vuitton in Tokyo, Munich, Venice and Beijing, thus carrying out the Fondation’s intent to realize international projects and make them accessible to a broader public.

    The video installation Emissary Forks At Perfection (2015-2016) is the second chapter of the Emissaries trilogy created by Cheng between 2015 and 2017. These three episodes, located in the same space but addressing different eras, trace the evolution of ensembles of beings and the way they adapt to their environment. Each features an “emissary”, a “narrative agent”, whose actions will modify the course of events. With Emissary Forks At Perfection, Cheng leads us to question the human mind’s adaptive capacities and human evolution in the face of otherness, randomness and the unpredictability of an ever-changing world.

    From May 24th to November 25th
    Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia
    Calle del Ridotto 1353
    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8.00 pm and on Sunday from 10.30 am to 8.00 pm.
    Open on public holidays. Free entrance

    Biennale Exhibition Ian Cheng

    Empreinte is the name of Louis Vuitton fine jewelry collection inspired by the original trunks, linking it to travellers, adventurers and living lovers.

    Louis Vuitton's Empreinte collection reprises the game of dropping pebbles behind us to mark our path, of bringing things back to remind us of the happy times we've spent: each of the studs that has left its imprint on these bracelets in pink, white or yellow gold represents a treasured memory.

    These pieces are signed by the Monogram Flower or the famous LV initials signature.

    For Maison Louis Vuitton, they are the memory of its first trunks: the imprints left by these studs recall the savoir-faire and time-honored tradition that connect it to travel, to adventure, to a love of life.

    An invitation to discover the dazzling collections of jewel creations by Louis Vuitton.

    Discover the Empreinte collection here


    Selfridges invites Louis Vuitton to explore luxury of tomorrow through a multi-sensory exhibition: Radical Luxury, the Flipside.

    Hosted at the Old Selfridges Hotel, the free exhibition will showcase a thought-provoking journey into luxury as imagined by 7 forward-thinking brands. By inviting a discussion on the nature and meaning of luxury, Selfridges reflects on the importance and relevance of a retail destination, in a continuously shifting appreciation of what customers recognise as a luxury product.

    Louis Vuitton is giving visitors a deeply modern way of looking at travel, bringing to life a fantastical world that translates the House's vision of the future. The experience draws parallels between Louis Vuitton's emblematic styles such as the trunk and today's new classics. In this captivating installation, an abundance of crystals, vivid colours and unfamiliar species appear as you navigate the infinite possibilities tomorrow may hold.
    Explore altered states of luxury by Google Pixel 2, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Thom Browne, Gareth Pugh, Byredo and Mr Lyan in an incredible one-of a kind space created by Selfridges. Entrance is free and open to all.

    Art Luxury London Radical Luxury London Selfridges
  • PREFALL 2018

    • PREFALL 2018 - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • PREFALL 2018 - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • PREFALL 2018 - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • PREFALL 2018 - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    Discover the Prefall Collection: Sharp, chic looks to start wearing now

    Aligned with Spring while advancing a strong attitude ahead of Fall, the latest Louis Vuitton collection by Nicolas Ghesquière arrives with nuanced newness.

    Looks that combine luxurious fabrications with technical accents make a resolutely cosmopolitan statement. Whereas a reflective silver parka appears futuristic and cool, perfect-fit denim and jacquard knitwear serve as essentials that can be worn with ease. Crisp colours enliven the monochromatic scheme as high-definition patterning and modern motifs. The LV Archlight sneakers introduced last season continue their forward march, freshly enhanced with sleek ankle sock inserts. Boots, meanwhile, boast the Monogram flower heel and extend high to the knee, shaping the leg like an architectural column. Interpreted in new materials with distinctive surface details, a selection of our best-selling bags completes this collection as an all-encompassing wardrobe for today.

    Discover the looks here.

    Ready to Wear Nicolas Ghesquière

    Louis Vuitton is delighted to unveil its Men's Fall-Winter 2018 Precollection by former Men's Artistic Director Kim Jones, at an exlusive Pop-up space in ION Orchard from May 4 until 25.

    This season’s collection focus on modern wardrobes appealing to men’s world-traveling instincts. Visitors will encounter a bold and colourful variety of items bearing the inverted LV logo, as well as exclusive items featuring the “Vivienne” character well known from Louis Vuitton's Gifting collections. 

    "This season, I was thinking about a truly global traveller," says Kim Jones. "We looked to the city lights of Hong Kong and New York and the big skies of the Himalays and the Wild West to consider the way men dress today." All together, the collection takes a bold and open-minded look at the traveller of today, glancing to the pat while always pushing to the future to consider "Louis Vuitton Forever".

    Discover the collection here

    2 Orchard Turn, #01-23/24 & #02-14, Singapore 238801

    Daily, 10:30am - 10:00pm

    For enquiries: +65 6788 3888

    Men's Prefall 2018 Pop-up, in stores from 4th - 25th May, 2018

    Pop-up Store PreFW18 Kim Jones