Art of Living

Louis Vuitton brings together its Art of Living collections at the Château de Fontainebleau.

The Campaign

Considered by Napoleon to be the “true home of kings”, it is at the imperial Château de Fontainebleau that Louis Vuitton has chosen to present its Art of Living collections. In the midst of Renaissance masterpieces commissioned by François Ier, interiors designed by Marie-Antoinette, and the apartment of Napoleon Ier, the Maison’s trunks, accessories, Les Objets Nomades, and games and leisure items, join to demonstrate true French Art de Vivre in this unexpected setting, revealed through the lens of photographer Matthieu Salvaing.

French Art de vivre

In the royal bedrooms and the majestic staircases and fountains, 800 years of French history surround the Maison’s objects. Objects with the signature Monogram and colorful silk squares enliven the François Ier Gallery, while the iconic Cocoon chair from Les Objets Nomades Collection hangs in the chateau’s legendary spiral staircase. Combined with the rich history of the Château de Fontainebleau, Nicolas Ghesquière and Virgil Abloh’s contemporary pieces, along with Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks and high-end creations, display the Maison’s unparalleled savoir-faire and craftsmanship on this journey through time and creation.