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Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia: Charlotte Perriand and I

Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia: Charlotte Perriand and I

As part of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, the Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia presents an exclusive show confronting the foundational works of Charlotte Perriand and Frank Gehry.


Over the past century, developments in technology have increased the frequency with which we have reimagined the home. Industrial and digital technologies evolutions, together with changing social values, have enabled architects to invent new solutions for the way we live. While attempting to house an unprecedented global population, we are confronted with an ecological crisis of our own making. The work of Charlotte Perriand and Frank Gehry are presented here as both historical references and as viable solutions for these issues. Precursors to current innovations in independent energy collection and consumption, two projects are exhibited for the first time: Perriand’s Tritrianon project (1937) and Gehry’s Power Pack project (1969).


Since 2013, the Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia is where contemporary art meets the artistic heritage of La Serenissima. Putting traditional and modern art into context, it offers a means of breaking down barriers, of re-attaching contemporary art to its roots and celebrating the vitality of classical art, with Louis Vuitton’s support for the restauration of famous Venetian art.

Parallel to the exhibition, the Spazio Etoile store in Rome shows a unique film program, showcasing all the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s activities since its opening in 2014.

Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia
Calle del Ridotto 1353
30124 Venice – Italy
Open from May 22nd, 2021 to November 21st, 2021
Monday to Sunday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Free entrance

Louis Vuitton Spazio Etoile Store
Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, 41
00186 Rome – Italy
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8.00pm
and on Sunday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Free entrance

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