Fashion - Fragrances 04/13

Cologne Perfumes Collection

On the Beach completes the collection of California inspired fragrances, an unprecedented concept that blends the spontaneity of colognes with the sophistication of perfumes.

The Film

On the Beach, the latest creation by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, brings together the boundless emotion of a day spent on a sunny beach – the extasy of the sun, the unique surging of the sea, and the gentle warmth of sand on skin. In collaboration with Artist Alex Israel, On the Beach is conceived as an ode to the West Coast, reflecting the delights of the coastline and the exhilarating atmosphere of this iconic scenery. Highlighting this vivid palette of colors, the artist’s animated fantasy joyride always leads to the perfect wave.

On The Beach

Starting as a lively note that sweeps into an explosion of freshness, the brightness of yuzu, a rare citrus from Japan is a burst of bliss on the skin. The fragrance unfolds revealing the sun-drenched orange essence of neroli. Thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, and cloves add sandy notes of aromatic herbs to perfect the olfactory landscape, and finally, a veil of cypress brings woody shade to create a pure summer ambiance.

It opens with brightness and becomes a caress…Yuzu creates that brilliance.

The Campaign

Louis Vuitton continues its picturesque dialogue with Alex Israel, who dressed the collection of Cologne Perfumes. The multimedia artist finds inspiration in his hometown of Los Angeles, a city of contrasts and eclectic architecture, pairing each Cologne Perfume with one of his emblematic artworks to capture the spirit of each scent. For On the Beach, Alex Israel captures the vivid colors of oceanfront façades and the oscillations of light that shift and shimmer throughout the day with red, orange and a hint of blue that blaze across the bottle.

The Collection

Sun Song: the caress of a welcomed ray of sunshine, Cactus Garden: a promenade across an exotic patio, Afternoon Swim: a dive into an ocean of pleasure, California Dream: the enchantment of a sunset. On the Beach continues the great West Coast escape and completes this radiant collection. It charms with the brightness of day, awaits the wave, and lingers with the softness of sun-warmed sand against the skin.