Maison - Store Openings 04/25

Louis Vuitton Landmark Store in Hong Kong

The neighbourhood

A cosmopolitan island where the modern and mystical meet, Hong Kong percolates with energy and excitement. Today, it is recognized for its vibrant design scene and trend-setting fashion; a city fully embracing the future.

Near Pottinger Street one of the oldest in the district, the opulent House is also situated at the unmistakable heart of cosmopolitan shopping, at the corner of Des Voeux Road Central and Pedder Street.

The facade

A curtain of 7,000 floor-to-ceiling vertical blinds, shaped like jagged blades, reflect light against an extensive glass wall. At night, it is transformed into a stunning cascade of LED lights.

The interior

A double-height, full-length void space lines the interior's perimeter so clients immediately know there are basement and upper levels upon entering. Handbag and luggage areas featuring “bag bars” and separate areas for the Men's and Women's collections can be discovered while journeying further into the store.The three-flight plasma video stairs are a showcase for continually morphing video art. “It may be the first suspended staircase in the world”, interior architect Peter Marino says.Seven thousand stainless steel strips with undulating profiles and different alternating finishes coat the frontage with cascades of silvery flows. At the same time, this subtle arrangement creates the impression of a highly capricious checkerboard.

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