Maison - Store Openings 04/25

Louis Vuitton Store in Kobe

The neighbourhood

Situated between the Rokko Mountains and Osaka Bay, Kobe basks in natural beauty. The Japanese “Jazz City” is not only a thriving international trade center, but also a culturally rich locale known for its namesake delicacies.

Located in Kyū-kyoryūchi, in what used to be Kobe’s oldest hotel, the distinguished Oriental Hotel, Louis Vuitton has given a downtown architectural jewel the chance at a second life.

The facade

A spectacularly transparent 3D façade pushes the innovation envelope, even for Louis Vuitton. Texturing metal “skins” against a Monogram-printed glass, the Kobe Maison pays tribute to both traditional Japanese slatted wood facades and the House's iconic logo.

The interior

A breathtaking spiral staircase links inter-connected mezzanines and salons of the two-story Japanese Maison. It's a visual delight to amble from universe to universe.

Of her 67-foot-long hanging sculpture that dominates the interior, American artist Alyson Shotz says, “The lenses project thousands of images forward and backwards, creating an intense sensory disorientation”.

For the first time circular and diamond shaped motifs have been realised in a three dimensional form with visibility from the interior to the exterior, giving a screened view from one side of the façade to the other.

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