Fashion - Collections 01/01


Louis Vuitton teams with acclaimed Swiss contemporary artist Urs Fischer in an all-encompassing, collaborative collection that highlights the artist’s playful creative vision.

The Film

One of the few artists to refashion the Maison’s iconic pattern completely since its creation, Urs Fischer reinterpreted the Monogram’s flowers and LV initials in new hand-drawn enlarged and distorted versions that he calls “memory sketches”. This new Monogram is the collaboration’s key decorative motif, featured throughout the collection. The collaboration also features a series of whimsical, animated characters created by the artist.

The Campaign

To illustrate the sheer scale and creative ambition of the collaboration, Urs Fischer’s second with the House after an Artycapucines bag in 2019, the artist has devised a complete visual universe for Louis Vuitton with eye-catching window displays, in-store installations and digital content, that will bring the collection further to life. Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer is a perfect, large-scale showcase for the artist’s creative world and the latest exciting chapter in the Maison’s longstanding commitment to the arts.

Given the Louis Vuitton Monogram’s ubiquitous status, I chose to hand-draw it in a really spontaneous way, almost like sketching it from memory.

The Selection