Fashion - Campaigns 07/16

Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Campaign

Virgil Abloh’s latest collection investigates unconscious biases instilled in our collective psyche by reimagining looks as pieces in a game of chess.


Shot in North Wales by Tim Walker, the campaign revisits the motifs and metaphors of chess, a recurrent theme in Virgil Abloh’s work at Louis Vuitton. Staged as a life-sized game, the collection comes alive as pieces in a choreographed play between a cast of characters.


By taking archetypes such as the writer, the artist, the drifter, the salesman, the hotelier, the gallery owner, the architect, or the student, the collection explores the dress codes that inform our predetermined perceptions of these familiar characters. Virgil Abloh imbues the grammar of these codes with different values and employs fashion as a tool to change those assumptions.


Throughout the collection, garments, accessories, motifs and techniques play on themes of illusion, replicating the familiar through the deceptive lenses of trompe l’oeil and filtrage. Leather goods are interpreted through the classic shapes of Louis Vuitton and enriched with added wording, shiny silver, or tuffetage embroidery.