Men’s Spring-Summer 2022 Campaign

The Campaign

First showcased cinematically last summer, Virgil Abloh’s latest collection is metaphorically informed by the Amen Break, a little-known 1969 drum solo that became a founding factor in hip-hop and jungle music and has been sampled thousands of times since. Captured here by Tim Walker, the collection explores the symbolic values of rave culture and martial arts in an electrifying new campaign.

The Collection

By highlighting at once various archetypes’ cultural context as well as their collective re-contextualisation, the collection applies the Amen Break analogy to fashion where the staples of suits, tracksuits, shirts and t-shirts are re-interpreted on a never-ending loop.


With its cross-pollinated gene pool and sartorial codes, rave culture serves in this collection as an example of the multifaceted subcultures that fashion draws on today. Rich in details, the collection juxtaposes everything from rave’s signature tracksuit with the tailored suit to party-ready neon colors with traditionally masculine hues.

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