Maison - Savoir-Faire 07/28

Savoir-Faire Event in Singapore

Louis Vuitton celebrates its Spirit of Travel and innovation with an exceptional display of its Savoir-Faire.

Savoir-faire Event

Discover Louis Vuitton’s unparalleled savoir-faire and heritage throughout the store with pieces from Les Objets Nomades collection, including the launch of the limited edition Aguacate Objet by the Campana Brothers alongside the Singapore debut of the Lanterne by Zanellato and Bortotto. Also on display are iconic favorites, such as the Bulbo chair by the Campana Brothers, Ribbon Dance by André Fu, Swell Wave Shelf by Andrew Kudless, and more.

Completing the richness of the extensive showcase are a curated selection of the Maison’s trunks, exotic leather goods, and collectibles from the Made-to-Order Games and Home collection.

Virtual Tour

No travel necessary. Take a virtual tour of the Savoir Faire Event below, where you may explore all of the items on display from afar.

In addition, virtually explore Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship through the transformation of a heritage building into a contemporary space inspired by the modern configuration of the home as a sanctuary for work, play and living.

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