Maison - Savoir-Faire 12/21

Savoir-Faire Event in Shanghai

Louis Vuitton showcases the Maison’s legendary trunks and pieces from Les Objets Nomades collection at an exclusive event at Shanghai Bund One Art Museum.

Louis Vuitton’s noble traditions and unparalleled savoir-faire are highlighted through an exceptional selection from the Trunk Collection, including the Malle Hennessy, Straps Trunk and Malle Coiffeuse. Also on display are pieces from Les Objets Nomades, a collection of travel-inspired objects and furnishings created by world-renowned designers, including the Campana Brothers, Patricia Urquiola and India Mahdavi.

Clients may purchase trunks and a selection of Les Objets Nomades pieces on the Louis Vuitton website or by contacting a Client Advisor.