SEE LV in Sydney: The Exhibition

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SEE LV in Sydney: The Exhibition

Louis Vuitton presents SEE LV, an immersive journey covering 160 years of the Maison’s history at the First Fleet Park in Sydney

Following the travelling exhibition’s world-wide inauguration in Wuhan in 2020 with stops in Hangzhou and Dubai, and most recently, Tokyo, SEE LV is unveiled in Sydney. A vibrant and diverse coastal metropolis, Sydney is home to iconic attractions, boasts a magnificent harbor and has a buzzing art, culinary and surf scene. With a calendar of exciting festivals and events, Sydney is the natural next destination of SEE LV’s 2022 journey. Mixing archival objects from the Maison’s heritage collection with recent creations, SEE LV allows visitors to delve deep into the world of Louis Vuitton through immersive and interactive digital experiences. Uncovering all facets of Louis Vuitton’s history and creations through a contemporary lens, the exhibition brings together a remarkable collection of modern pieces and early twentieth-century trunks, artistic collaborations and iconic leather creations


First Fleet Park
The Rocks NSW 2000
Open from November 4th to December 11th, 2022
Monday – Sunday
10 am to 10 pm
Free admission

SEE LV Sydney: The Exhibition

Upon entry, visitors are greeted by a portrait of young Louis Vuitton conceived by artist Refik Anadol using Artificial Intelligence. The exhibition continues to a room featuring a reverse-chronology selection of ready-to-wear pieces, where an exquisite 19th gown stands alongside a historical 1906 trunk, illustrating the Maison’s longstanding relationship with fashion. From the Steamer Trunk to the Speedy, Noe to Twist, a wall of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags and images of their celebrity friends such as Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Connelly, Samara Weaving, and Hugh Jackman display how these signature shapes have continued to inspire throughout the times. Next, an entire room is dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s major contributions to the invention of luggage typologies, ranging from the iconic Wardrobe trunk to the Skateboard trunk, showing how each one has been a cornerstone in the evolution of new lifestyles and traveling habits. Finally, visitors arrive in an interactive space dedicated to the Maison’s emblematic Monogram design.

The Opening

Troye Sivan, Georgia Fowler, Michael Clarke, Ruel, Aisha Dee and Jess Hart share their first impressions at the exhibition opening in Sydney, Australia.