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Icinori’s Technique For Travel Book Seoul

Icinori’s Technique For Travel Book Seoul

Icinori’s boldly colored illustrations for Louis Vuitton’s Travel Book Seoul transform the South Korean capital from impenetrable city to something more familiar and multifaceted.

“We are cartoonists, illustrators and authors. Our work is similar to screen printing: we tend to draw the different colours one by one. Our names are Icinori, Mayumi and Raphaël.”

Mayumi Otero and Raphaël Urwiller display an outstanding gift for creating sophisticated graphic designs, an entire universe of uninhibited illustrations and references to art, whether modern, classical, popular or contemporary. Over the years, they have developed a style marked primarily by boldness: early on, the two artists laid claim to the legacy of Japanese graphic arts and proclaimed their attachment to the imagery and imaginative world of Japan. The two are happy to be seen as the “modern heirs to the print masters”, although they also cite a number of illustrious painters and engravers – Goya, Dürer, Hockney, and Kuniyoshi – as well as the Florentine Renaissance, Chinese outsider art, Japanese pop-art posters, and a whole host of ephemera. Icinori delves into childhood and teenage years to give form to the present and travel through time, as illustrated in this Travel Book dedicated to Seoul, a timeless homage to the city and its inhabitants.

By connecting immersive digital content to physical images on paper, the Google Lens technology brings the Louis Vuitton Travel Book Seoul to life in an entirely new way.

How to use Google Lens with the Louis Vuitton Travel Book Seoul:
1. Download the Google Lens app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Google app from the App Store (iOS)
2. Open Lens (Android) or open the Google app and tap the Lens logo on the right (iOS)
3. Point the camera at one of five pages of the Travel Book Seoul and wait until it comes alive: Front Cover, Character Gallery, Bulgogi, Printers, Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul by Frank Gehry.


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