Fashion Shows - Women 03/05

Women's Fall-Winter 2021 Show

Nicolas Ghesquière presents his Louis Vuitton Women's Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show at the Louvre in Paris on March 10th at 2 pm (CET)


Louis Vuitton reveals a selection of bags from the new collaborative capsule collection with Italian artistic design atelier Fornasetti. Including new designs as well as reinterpretations of iconic models, the bags reflect historical imagery while combining Fornasetti’s exquisitely illustrated world with Nicolas Ghesquière’s contemporary design.

The Louvre

Unveiled in the spectacular setting of the Michelangelo Gallery in the Louvre, Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection with its Fornasetti images of antiquity builds a time-travelling aesthetic and creative dialogue with the museum’s remarkable array of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman sculpture.
By incorporating the sculptures of the Louvre with the set design, Louis Vuitton was able to reduce the amount of material used in the show by 70% compared to previous years. In keeping with the Maison’s sustainability efforts and to give a second life to its ephemeral creations, the totality of the material will be reused to build new structures in the creative arts sector.

With this collaboration, I wanted to use the pieces to evoke the continuing modernity of Fornasetti’s artistic world.


This season, Nicolas Ghesquière embarks on an odyssey with a collection that reflects on Greco-Roman antiquity, incorporating the drawings by Fornasetti that explore, illustrate, and impart style. The collection tells a story of mind, body, and heart, where humankind takes center stage, in all its functional elegance, intellectual dominance, and earthly seduction.


The collection integrates Fornasetti’s distinct visual universe, blending Louis Vuitton’s forward-looking creativity and craft and the Italian design atelier’s magical depiction of the past. The garments and accessories use a rich combination of colors, textures and traditional and cutting-edge techniques including jacquard, embroidery, and laser printing. Velvet and mohair dresses take on Fornasetti drawings of ancient statues, and bags are embellished with Fornasetti motifs, such as locks and keys, recalling the traditional locks on the Maison’s trunks.