Monogram Chain Bracelet

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The Monogram Chain Bracelet incorporates eco-friendly materials to create a sustainable design. The stainless steel and recycled plexiglass links feature detailed Monogram pattern engravings that show off the House's expertise. The slight colour variations within the green plexiglass mean each bracelet is unique.

Pursuing its environmental commitment in terms of circular creativity, Louis Vuitton presents a new eco-designed fashion jewellery line sourced with more than 70% of sustainable materials. The metal links are created using recycled stainless steel while resin links are made from recycled plastics. Throughout the production process, colours are randomly mixed enabling each piece to have a singular aesthetic.

  • Sizes: M = ~19 cm/7.5 inches, L = ~22 cm/8.7 inches
  • Green
  • Metal with silver-colour finish
  • Recycled plexiglass
  • Monogram motif engraving
  • Made in Italy