Silver Lockit Bracelet By Sophie Turner, Sterling Silver

This Silver Lockit bracelet is a token of Louis Vuitton's promise to help children in urgent need. For each purchase of this bracelet, $100 will be donated, on your behalf, to UNICEF to help children in emergencies and in vulnerable situations around the world. This sterling-silver replica of the Louis Vuitton padlock, a symbol of protection, inspired actress and Friend of the House Sophie Turner to design a braided red-and-white cord and a circular rabbit charm, a nod to her most recent tattoo.

Detailed Features

  • Sterling silver (Ag 925)
  • Padlock dimensions: L 7.8 x H 13.0 x W 4.5 mm
  • Circular charm engraved with a rabbit
  • Adjustable red-and-white braided cord bracelet