Celebrate Silk

Celebrate Silk

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Louis Vuitton introduces a new silk square collection whose precious details reinterpret the Maison’s beloved heritage in a depth of bright and colorful designs.

Embracing the joyful hues of summer, Louis Vuitton’s silk square collection is available in three sizes, offering contrasting bright colors to be worn in a multitude of ways, adapting to any style or occasion.

Like a vibrant work of art, the silk squares can be worn around the neck, wrapped delicately around the wrist, or adorned to the handle of a Louis Vuitton bag.

With a myriad of designs inspired by the Maison’s archives, the season’s silk scarves take on Monogram patterns adorned with chains and padlocks, multicolored and whimsical hot air balloons, vintage trunks, a Damier optical illusion, and more.