Men's Fall-Winter 2023 Show

Drawing on the formative moments of our upbringing and the rites of passage from childhood to adulthood, Louis Vuitton presents the Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection.



Imbued with the spirit of the inner child, the new men’s collection draws on themes inherent to the genetics of the Louis Vuitton men’s practice: formative development and the universal human experiences that unite us across geography and cultures. Evaluating the impact of the digital age, nods to connectivity are further explored through techniques, motifs, and silhouettes.


With her innovative musical fusions and distinctive style, the singer and musical curator of the show gave a show-stopping performance.


Based on the ideology of “growing up”, French filmmakers Michel and Olivier Gondry construct a house in which a boy’s first stages of life unfold, culminating in adulthood, where memories and experiences of the inner child remain eternally present.