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The Library brings together the catalog of Louis Vuitton Editions, comprising over one hundred books, from travel to art and Hardcover Books, in addition to the Office and Writing Collection—opening the doors to the world of the Maison, where heritage and the art of living meet.

Hardcover Books

Published by internationally renowned editors, the Hardcover Books highlights the many facets of the Maison, celebrating its history, savoir-faire, designers, and boundless creativity. These exceptionally finished books are a true collector's item.

City Guide

Through private locations and unique experiences, authors and city lovers explore the beating heart of metropolitan cities around the world. Since 1998, the City Guide Collection has showcased these inspiring places where design, fashion, art, gastronomy, sport, and culture come together.

Travel Book

Exploring art's infinite horizons, the Travel Book Collection offers creators a unique canvas for expression. Drawing, painting, collage, comics, and manga are all prisms through which young talents and renowned artists transcribe the nuances of travel, real and imagined.

Fashion Eye

An invitation to travel and discover, the Fashion Eye Collection showcases a country, region, or city from a distinctive viewpoint captured through the lens of a fashion photographer. It establishes an unprecedented dialogue between emerging talents and legends of the field, featuring contemporary looks and archive treasures.

Office and Writing

In an ode to the Maison's creative imagination, the Office and Writing Collection inspires with its colorful accents and refined details. Louis Vuitton's iconic motifs adorn everyday objects — from notebooks to pencil pouches — illustrating the audacious craftsmanship turned to self-expression.