Cities On Earth

Call for inquiry

Since 1998, Louis Vuitton City Guides have expressed the nomadic spirit of the House, proposing a selection that is as specialized as it is individual. Inspired by the City Guides, Cities on Earth is a very special album which brings together the photographers of the Tendance Floue collective. Since 2012, 14 photographers from the collective have explored the length and breadth of 30 great cities, through 55 trips, capturing nearly 4,000 images that profile these archetypal metropolises in all their contemporary variety and complexity. Cities on Earth brings together 225 of these photographs, revealed in nine atmospheres, across a selection of cities, including Paris, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo and Rome. It traces the outlines of a global city, inviting readers on a dazzling, mysterious and exciting journey, an immersive stroll, a truly poetic and engaging experience. Cities on Earth is published with three different covers: blue, green and pink. The colors are assigned randomly for each order.

  • 9.8 x 13.4 inches
  • 592 pages
  • Tendance Floue photographers: Pascal Aimar*, Thierry Ardouin*, Denis Bourges*, Antoine Bruy, Gilles Coulon*, Olivier Culmann*, Ljubiša Danilović*, Grégoire Eloy*, Mat Jacob*, Caty Jan, Yohanne Lamoulère, Philippe Lopparelli*, Bertrand Meunier*, Meyer*, Flore‑Aël Surun*, Patrick Tourneboeuf*, Alain Willaume*
  • *Contributed to Cities on Earth
  • French version