Cologne Perfume Collection

City of Stars joins the collection of California-inspired fragrances that blends the spontaneity of cologne with the sophistication of perfume. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud composed each scent as a tribute to the vast, inspiring West Coast landscape in collaboration with artist Alex Israel.

City Of Stars

The collection's first Evening Cologne, City of Stars is a nocturnal fantasy set in a city that never sleeps, telling a tale of endless possibilities, ardent emotion, and soft sensuality. Composed by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, this dazzling scent conveys light through an explosive citrus quintet of blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime, while Tiare flower, sandalwood, and musk exude sophistication, creating a sensual tableau and ushering in the night.


On The Beach

Celebrating the boundless emotion of a day spent in the sun, On the Beach is an ode to the Californian Coast, its exhilarating atmosphere and its iconic scenery. This vivid summer scent starts with an explosion of freshness thanks to bright yuzu and sun-drenched neroli, while thyme, rosemary, pink pepper and cloves add sandy notes and cypress provides a sense of shade.


California Dream

Conveying the enchantment of a sunset, California Dream holds on to this special emotion, prolonging the happiness of a summer day in those last moments of daylight. To capture the visual marvel that is a setting sun, this composition begins with notes of energetic mandarin and warm musks, leading way to balmy vanilla-tinged benzoin.


Afternoon Swim

Like plunging into the ocean of the senses, Afternoon Swim evokes the emotion of the sea as it washes over the skin on a beautiful summer day. A groundswell of citrus invigorates this fragrance, with exhilarating notes of orange, bergamot and mandarin invigorated by a touch of ginger and grounded by ambergris.


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