Travel Book Brussels - Artist's Edition

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The Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection is an invitation to real and virtual voyages. In its pages, the illustrations of renowned artists and promising young talents tell the stories of the cities and countries they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people. The Travel Book offers a new, contemporary vision of travel, taking in both remote wildernesses and cities that never sleep. Each artist explores a destination in a medium of their choosing. The creative worlds on show are highly diverse: drawing, painting, collage, contemporary art, illustration, cartoons or manga.

In this volume, Belgian cartoonist Ever Meulen, whose illustrations have graced the covers of international titles including The New Yorker and Libération, depicts his adopted home of Brussels, which he first discovered at the age of 12. His free, dynamic style suits a city he describes as “teeming, urban, colorful, modern, multilingual, multicultural,” with automobiles - a passion of his since childhood - cropping up in many images.

This special Artist's Edition belongs to a limited edition of 30 copies, each numbered and signed by the artist, and including an original lithograph.

  • 15.4 x 10.4 inches
  • Trilingual edition (French, English and Dutch)
  • Six-color printing, leather binding, slipcase
  • Lithograph by Ever Meulen
  • 152 pages, 100-120 exclusive drawings
  • Artist's biography and travelogue